Gen 5 x16 PCIExpress Versal FPGA Carrier Board

Industry Leading PCIe Gen 5 x16
FPGA Carrier

  • Enables High-Speed Data Recording of up to 50GB/s 
  • Compatible with VITA 57.4 FMC+ Modules
  • x16 Lanes of PCIe Gen 5
  • Versal: VH1542 FPGA
  • 16GB of High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM2e)
  • VH1582 for 32GB HBM (option)
  • ARM Cortex Processor (option)
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Enables High-Performance Signal Processing & Data Recording Solutions

The PG5 continues DEG’s commitment to delivering high performance processing solutions for mission critical applications requiring the latest in AMD Versal FPGA computing power. The PG5 is a PCIExpress, Gen 5 x16, FPGA processor board designed to meet the needs of challenging, embedded high-performance digital signal processing applications. The AMD Versal VH1542 delivers impressive processing capabilities and supports operations such as: FFTs, FIR filters, fixed-point and repetitive processing tasks. The PG5 FPGA processes input from the FMC+ HPC (Vita 57.4) site, allowing for maximum application configurability and performance when coupled with DEG’s market leading ADC and DAC FMC modules (250MSPS to 12.0GSPS) as well as the latest QSFP technology. 

DEG also offers a PG5 FPGA Design kit which allows customers to leverage and modify DEG source code, develop within an open architecture, and rapidly integrate FPGA HDL with DEG’s DSP functions and resources. The DEG FPGA Design kit includes PG5: Source code, simulation test bench and utilities to support custom algorithm development.