Clock and Trigger Synchronization System

CLKSYNC-50 is a clock and trigger distribution system that provides multiple, independent copies of clock and trigger signals for multi-channel, Giga-sample ADC and DAC boards. Up to sixteen independent ADC or DAC clocks and triggers are synchronized.
The CLKSYNC-50 offers a number of clock source options including: external clock, external reference, an internal clock with a low-noise 1ppm reference and atomic clock reference option. Each of these clock sources can generate output signals in the range of 200 MHz to 8 GHz. Users can adjust the phase for each clock output. Sixteen individually adjustable trigger outputs are provided in the CLKSYNC-50
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  • Clock Outputs up to 8 GHz Supported
  • Synchronous Output Clocks Generated Using: Atomic Clock Reference,
    External Clock, External Reference, Internal Ultra-Low Noise Reference
  • Independently Adjusted Trigger Outputs
  • Fabric Clock: FPGA Synchronization
  • RF Clock Outputs