Clock and Trigger Synchronization Board with Atomic Clock

Eight Synchronous Clock & Trigger Outputs

  • Support for Sixty-four ADC and/or DAC Channels
  • Synchronous Output Clocks Generated Using: Atomic Clock Reference, External Clock, External Reference, Internal Ultra-Low Noise Reference
  • Independently Adjusted Trigger Outputs
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Flexible Operation Modes

CLKSYNC-PCI-AC is a clock and trigger distribution board designed to provide up to eight synchronous clock and trigger outputs. The CLKSYNC-PCI-AC is designed for use with multi-channel, ADC and DAC systems where precise clock and trigger synchronization are required.
An atomic clock is included. When the atomic clock is selected as a reference, the CLKSYNC-PCI-AC will generate clock outputs with a high level of  accuracy and stability. This is especially important in long-duration, data recording operations.