Data Recorder Systems


Data Recorder Systems

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3U VPX Data Recorder Systems for Wideband Signal Collection & Processing

  • High-Density Channel Configurations Supported
  • Data Streaming to and from SSD RAID, SBC RAM & GPGPU
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use GUI
  • Linux Support
  • 6 TB SSD Storage
  • DEG’s 3U UltraScale FPGA Carriers
  • Synchronize Multiple ADC or DAC Channels
  • 0-75c Operating Temperature

High Performance Data Acquisition

Data Streaming Rates up to 3.125 GBytes/sec to SSD Storage. Up to 4.0 GBytes/sec to CPU RAM.

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Multiple High-Speed Configuration Options

VPXStream is a high performance data acquisition system in a 3U VPX form-factor that combines Delphi Engineering Group’s 3U VPX Virtex 7 FPGA carriers and StreamServer – DEG’s multi-channel, Linux based, streaming software for unparalleled high-speed data recording. Delphi’s wide variety of FMC, ADC & DAC modules allow VPXStream users multiple configuration options to meet the most stringent application requirements.

Multi-Channel Synchronization

VPXStream systems are designed for applications that require high-speed data acquisitions with high-speed streaming (3.125 GB/s) to and from single board computer RAM and M.2 SSD storage. In addition, multi-channel synchronization is offered through the use of the Delphi ClkSync system. ClkSync is a 1U appliance that permits fine grain clock and trigger control and synchronization of up to a dozen FMC modules.