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DAQStream - High Performance Data Acquisition and Processing

DAQStream is a family of high-performance data acquisition and processing systems that combine Delphi Engineering Group’s industry leading wideband digital receivers and StreamServer™  – multi-channel, streaming software for unparalleled high-speed data recording and processing performance. Delphi’s wide variety of FMC, FMC+, ADC and DAC modules enable DAQStream users multiple configuration options to meet the most stringent application requirements.

Key DAQStream Features:

  • PCI Express GEN 5 x 16 Performance: >50 GB/s Streaming Rates to and from A100 and H100 GPUs
  • AMD Versal and UltraScale+ Based FPGA Carrier Boards
  • Synchronize Dozens of ADC and/or DAC Channels Using DEG CLKSYNC Products
  • GPGPU Streaming Support – GPUDirect RDMA
  • Linux OS Support
  • Intel Ice Lake and AMD EPYC Motherboards
  • DAQStor – Multi-Terabyte RAID Solutions
  • Ruggedized System Options

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Maximizing Data Flow & Eliminating Bottlenecks

Delphi’s DAQStream data recorders deliver unprecedented high-speed signal collection capability for bandwidth-intensive sensor platforms and applications including: ELINT, SIGINT, ISR, Remote Sensing, and RF Spectrum Analysis. A combination of high sample rate, high sensitivity and continuous sample collection maximize the probability of intercept (POI) and identification for system operators.

Multiple High-Speed Configuration Options

Delphi’s wide variety of FMC, FMC+ ADC and DAC modules allow DAQStream users multiple configuration options to meet the most stringent application requirements. DAQStream systems are designed for applications that require high-speed data acquisition with high-speed streaming (25+ GB/s in certain use-cases)