PC7: 330/690

Virtex 7 FPGA Carrier

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Versatile and Powerful - PCIe Virtex-7 FPGA Dual FMC Carrier - Two HPC FMC sites with rear panel I/O

  • Supports 2 HPC FMC cards with Rear I/O
  • Virtex-7 VX330T or VX690T FPGAs
  • Up to 9 GB of DDR3 SDRAM
  • PCI-Express Gen3 Interface
  • FPGA Design Kit and Visualization Software Available

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Performance & Versatility

The PC7 family of FPGA carrier boards is DEG’s latest Xilinx-based product innovation. With the ability to host two FMCs (FPGA Mezzanine Cards) with rear panel I/O, the PC7 product line sets the benchmark for performance and versatility in the embedded PCIe market. Coupling this flexibility with a Xilinx Virtex-7 VX330T or VX690T FPGA, the PC7 enables multichannel high speed data acquisition and extensive digital signal processing all within a single PCIe slot.