PCIe Gen 3 x 8 Performance

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Six TB High-Speed PCIe Gen 3 x 8
Triple M.2 SSD Storage

  • Conforms with VITA 42.3
  • Peak Write Speed 6 GB/sec
  • Peak Read Speed 7 GB/sec
  • PCIe Gen3 x8 interface
  • Air-cooled
  • Multiple RAID Levels Supported

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Delphi’s XMC-Stor delivers high density SSD storage capacity with exceptional streaming write performance, in an industry standard XMC form factor. Easily integrated to single-board computers and other embedded computing products, the XMC-Stor enables mass-storage for SWaP conscious applications and any computing system needing increased storage capacity.


The XMC-Stor supports multiple M.2 SSD configurations and can be integrated to a wide variety of single-board computers, FPGA carriers and XMC to PCIe adapter boards. The XMC-Stor offers both Windows or Linux Driver support.

High Performance Streaming

Delphi engineers have designed a flexible XMC SSD M.2 storage product, that is ideal for high performance, multi-terabyte recording applications. Delphi’s XMC-Stor includes an onboard PCIe Gen 3 x 8 switch, which enables connections to each M.2 SSD card via a Gen 3 x 4 interface. Streaming data rates on 3.25 GBytes/sec are supported.