Quad 400Msps, 14-bit FMC

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High Density ADC FMC Module

  • Quad 20Msps to 400Msps sampling rate at 14-bit
  • Up to 1.4GHz Input Bandwidth
  • FMC/VITA 57 form factor
  • Works with Xilinx and Altera FPGAs
  • Air & Conduction-Cooled

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The Highest Density High Speed FMC Product in the Embedded Market

This FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) converts four channels of up to 1.4GHz analog input bandwidth at 400Msps and 14-bit resolution. Based on the VITA 57 specification, the ADF-Q40 enables direct coupling of unparalleled analog-digital conversion capability with the VME/VXS/AMC/VPX/PCI-E carrier board of your choice. DEG engineers have designed this product and associated HDL firmware to work with both Altera and Xilinx FPGAs.

Rapidly & Cost-Effectively Build Compact & Rugged Systems

The ADF-Q40 is based on the Texas Instrument ADS5474 Analog-Digital converter. DEG engineers leveraged design work and intellectual property from the highly successful ADC-3495 PMC board to bring the ADF-Q40 to market in record time. By coupling this core architecture with the compact and flexible FMC form factor, DEG has enabled customers to rapidly and cost-effectively build compact & rugged systems with 4-8 channels of high-speed digitization in a single high performance processor/carrier board. This flexible approach reduces overall power consumption, footprint, and cost while increasing ruggedness and reliability.

High Speed & Performance

The ADF-Q40 sets a new benchmark for high speed, high performance analog-digital conversion products. By compressing 4 TI 400Msps Analog-Digital Converters in the FMC form factor, DEG engineers have created the industry’s highest density high speed FMC product in the embedded marketplace.