Data Recorder Systems


Data Recorder Systems for Wideband Signal Collection and Playback
  • GPGPU Streaming Support—GPUDirect RDMA
  • Kintex UltraScale Based FPGA Carriers
  • Synchronize Dozens of ADC or DAC Channels.
  • Ruggedized System Options


3U VPX Data Recorder Systems for Wideband Signal Collection & Processing

  • High-Density Channel Configurations Supported
  • Data Streaming to and from SSD RAID, SBC RAM & GPGPU
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use GUI
  • Linux Support


 ClkSync is a clock and trigger distribution system that provides multiple, independent copies of clock and trigger signals for multi-channel, Giga-sample ADC and DAC boards. Up to twelve independent ADC or DAC clocks and triggers are synchronized.

ClkSync PCI

8 Synchronous Clock & Trigger Outputs

  • Multi-Channel, ADC and DAC Compatible
  • Synchronous Output Clocks Generated Using External Clock, External Reference, Internal Low Noise Reference & Internal Synthesizer
  • Independently-Adjusted Trigger Outputs